Life is moving at light speed, and although it has been wildly busy, it has also been wildly happy.

One more baby boy has been born and is now running about the house pulling down everything in site.

I continue to document our daily lives, but as the small universe continues to grow, so does my art.

I’m happy to share that I have created a new site to showcase my photography, and I hope you will join me there.

This site will no longer be active, although I want to keep it for memory’s sake.

I hope to see you over at HORSE + FEATHER

xo, kelly sutton



I created this blog to share my photos with my friends, family and anyone else, who may appreciate them. After my son, Avett, one of the loves of my life was born in November 2011, I picked up my camera…again. I try to document everyday life of those around me, which usually happens to be my favorite people.

*Photo by Whitney Turner Photography


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