Baby Penny goes to the Park

What happens when you let your sister and her camera tag along with you and your three kids to the park?

true, honest lifestyle, with a couple images of her own kid thrown in there.  And then you get to wait three months for her to edit them. (the trials and tribulations of having your sister as your personal, family photographer)

What is life like with three children?



constant motion.

full of love.


perfectly imperfect.

20140620-OB7A083120140620-OB7A084420140620-OB7A0847 20140620-OB7A084820140620-OB7A0850 20140620-OB7A087320140620-OB7A0890 20140620-OB7A0866 20140620-OB7A0868 20140620-OB7A0894 20140620-OB7A0895 20140620-OB7A0905 20140620-OB7A0907 20140620-OB7A0909 20140620-OB7A0912 20140620-OB7A0918 20140620-OB7A0919 20140620-OB7A0923 20140620-OB7A0924 20140620-OB7A0928 20140620-OB7A0947 20140620-OB7A0952 20140620-OB7A0959 20140620-OB7A0960 20140620-OB7A0963 20140620-OB7A0967 20140620-OB7A0971 20140620-OB7A0988 20140620-OB7A0991 20140620-OB7A0995 20140620-OB7A1005 20140620-OB7A1017 20140620-OB7A1025 20140620-OB7A1040 20140620-OB7A1043 20140620-OB7A1045 20140620-OB7A1048 20140620-OB7A1050 20140620-OB7A1062 20140620-OB7A1083 20140620-OB7A1089 20140620-OB7A1107 20140620-OB7A1151 20140620-OB7A1153 20140620-OB7A1155 20140620-OB7A1156 20140620-OB7A1165 20140620-OB7A1187 20140620-OB7A1191 20140620-OB7A1200 20140620-OB7A1201 20140620-OB7A1209 20140620-OB7A1210


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