The Shearer Family 3.17.2014

I love this family! They are the salt-of-the-earth, be-yourself, talk-about-everything-under-the-sun, happy and loving family that everyone should be able hang out with…it’s good for the soul.  Leeanne was the first person to ever ask me to photograph their family, who wasn’t my own family, and it was such a compliment. Especially since, she herself is a very talented photographer (January Grace Photography).  It is such an honor to not only call them friends, but also to be document their family as it continues to grow, and the ever-apparent love they have for one another.  An honor indeed…


My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-2

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-1

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-6

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-5

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-3

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-4

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-8

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-9My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-11

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-12





My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-13

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-14

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-15

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-18

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-20


My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-21

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-22

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-23

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-24

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-25


My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-29

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-30

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-31

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-32

My Favorites Maternity_04.27.14-33



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