Motherhood ~ Stories Untold

Motherhood, Stories Untold.

I always considered myself to be a somewhat organized, and a definitely tidy person.

Today, I don’t think I could define myself by either of those adjectives; I am a mom (29 weeks pregnant, might I add).

My baby boy turns two on Thursday…this Thursday…one day from today…kind-of-Thursday!

Two year old boys bring a whole new world of curiosity, chaos, unbridled energy and goofiness, with which I am reminded of the fun of making messes, silly noises and faces, jumping, building, and then crashing.

Mostly, however, I am reminded of the patience required for the endless exploring, curiosity, frustration, movement, questions, questions, questions and learning to do things “by myself.”

Currently, in the world of Avett, it is very important that he try to put his clothes on himself.  Well, it’s very important he do pretty much everything himself, to be honest. SO I wait, and an hour later we may make it out of the house.

Motherhood creates a feeling of empowerment–that feeling that you can genuinely tackle anything life throws at you, and then with one swift tantrum, it can pull the rug right out from under you.

It’s a labor of love.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, other than to have more opportunities to drink my coffee while it’s hot.

This is Avett’s story, the boring, everyday, mundane details and stories, told through the love and lens of his mommy’s camera.

Of course, in true mom form, I generally don’t step out from behind the camera, but I want to remember myself in these moments in time, as well.  So with each Motherhood blog post, I will share a quick bit of myself “in front of the camera”, as uncomfortable as it may be.

(Thank you for visiting my stop along our blog circle for the Motherhood, Stories Untold.  Please make your way ’round the circle, to share in the beauty and talent of mothers with cameras, as they see everyday life.  Next blog stop: Jessica Green and DeAnna McCasland)










6 thoughts on “Motherhood ~ Stories Untold

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  2. My son is 15 months and I will be 29 weeks pregnant on Thursday! This post pretty much nailed each day on the head for me ha. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more! PS Happy 2nd Birthday Avett!

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