perfectly imperfect…five on five project {june}

I have a special attachment to each of these images from the past month….each represents a moment from my life, moments that make my world unique and mine, as seen by my heart.

My little dare devil, Avett–eighteen months and tempting gravity every chance he gets.

My sweet niece, Olive Mae, with her Mimi, my mom.

My nephew, Elliot, with his prized game ball–one of his proudest moments in his four and half years.

My little man, frustrated with not being able to put his shoe on.  Oh, how he loves his shoes.

A quiet morning playing in the sink–a new and favorite ritual of ours.  I just had to sneak one extra in…







Please take a moment to enjoy the other wonderful photographers & mothers who I share this wonderful project with.

Whitney Ulven  |  Jillian Greenhill  |  Alyssa Finney Chew  |  Lana Tavolario


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