perfectly imperfect…five on five {may}

While I had the opportunity to learn from the gorgeous DeAnna McCasland, I also had the fortune of making some new friends from all over the world…quite an unexpected and welcome surprise!  We decided to keep our safe, little community of everyday storytellers alive and create a monthly project.  One thought we all hold close to our hearts is the idea of the “perfectly imperfect” image–images that may not be technically perfect, but so very special, and full of love, because they show the truth of our children and family.  Photography is an art, like any other kind of creative work, which requires sharing a piece of one’s self to really be able to capture the emotion, love and magic on the other side of the lens. It takes a lot of courage to share those images that are so close to our soul, because to release anything out into the universe that is a piece of your heart is scary beyond belief.   Together we have found encouragement and safety to shoot for ourselves, as mothers, with love, and to document our children’s lives as we see them.  On the fifth day of each month, we will share five “perfectly imperfect” images with any and all of you, who wish to appreciate them for what they are.  Our images are linked as circle and with each “post” a link to the next set of photographer’s images will be included.  Please show some love and continue the journey by checking out everyone’s “perfectly imperfect, five on fives.”

On this particular day, Avett sat at the table, like a little man (not strapped into his seat) for the first time to eat his dinner.  We get the most amazing afternoon light through our front windows, and on some days the light can be almost blinding–depending on my mood, I love it or absolutely hate it.  But there really is no denying, it makes for some pretty amazing light for photographs.  I was so very happy I had my camera close, to be able to document one of his many “firsts.”  I LOVE HIM.

Next in the circle:







5 thoughts on “perfectly imperfect…five on five {may}

  1. Love these Kelly! Your kitchen/table area always make for incredible images! I LOVE the one with the dog! It is so telling! Our dogs hang out under the table by our youngest too, just waiting! 🙂 Awesome!

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